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Indian Wells, “Where The World Ends”

The new face of Italian electronic music: Indian Wells. [...]

Mogwai, “Every Country’s Sun”

Mogwai, a post-rock reference. [...]

Cacao, Astral

About Cacao: Mindscapes /minimal tech / kraut / bass & guitar analogic dreams. [...]

Suuns, Hold/Still

Suuns' heart of darkness. [...]

James Blake, The Colour in Anything

The synthetic heart of James Blake. [...]

Savages, Adore Life

Savages are back with "Adore Life", an album that sounds like a bomb exploded underwater. [...]

In homage to David Bowie, the last (black)star.

What happens the day we have discovered that David Bowie dies? [...]

The Best Album of 2015 ( fake classification)

the best album of 2015! (no, there is not Kendrik Lamar). [...]

Johnny Greenwood, Shye Ben Tzur, The Rajashtan Express in “Junun”

a trip in India is too expensive? No problem, listen to Junun! [...]

Music and Japanese Animation

Music and Japanese animation: a wonderful mash-up. [...]
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